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Pink Ribbon Tours

This year we are most excited to announce the details about our “Pink Ribbon Tours.”  When you buy one of these designated tours a percentage of the sales will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The foundation not only provides funding for innovative medical research, but also is dedicated to increasing public awareness about good breast health.

To us each of these designated tours offers what we believe to be the essential coping tools for women to maintain a healthy life – laughter, tranquility, and support. Our vision in presenting “Pink Ribbon Tours” is to offer everyone respite from life’s stressful situations, to foster friendships and support, to encourage hope for all women, and to aid in the work towards a world unencumbered by cancer. We welcome everyone to join us on this Journey of HOPE!

We at Central Cab Company hope to give you the adventure of a lifetime while giving breast cancer victims the hope for a lifetime of adventure. Please enjoy our...

2009 Pink Ribbon Tours

Sleigh Bells Lunch
December 4

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