Coach USA
Coach USA Drivers Honored

June 3, 2009 - Two senior Coach USA drivers, Stephen Majofsky of Suburban Transit and John Lewis of Independent Bus, received the 2009 Driver Excellence Award at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City.  This award is given annually by The Greater NJ Motorcoach Association to drivers who have not had a preventable accident during the last 5 years.

Stephen Majofsky has worked for Suburban for 38 years as a transit driver and is the most senior driver on the transit roster.  Throughout his career at Suburban, he has maintained an accident free record and his received numerous letters of commendation.  He has been described as a model bus driver.  "I really enjoy the people that I see on the bus day in and day out/"  Having gone 38 years without a preventable accident is an extremely impressive feat and one that Majofsky takes great pride in.  "I always believed in the worst case scenario and would keep that in mind at all times."

John Lewis has worked for Independent Bus for 29 years as a transit driver making local trips.  He averages about 2,500 trips annually and has never had a preventable accident.  He has been referenced as an outstanding employee who always reports to work on time, in full uniform and treats both passengers and co-workers with respect.  When asked what important qualities he believed bus drivers must possess to be successful, he responded "you must be alert, stay focused and pay attention to your surroundings.  Be courteous, kind and when possible, let the passenger always be right."