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Departure Details

Gad-About has 5 convenient pick-up locations making it even easier for you to get on a tour:

Departure City
Location Address
Akron, OH Wal-Mart on Arlington Rd. by the IHOP
Exit 120 off I-77 South
Parking is available behind the IHOP in the Wal-Mart Parking Lot.
Canton, OH Wal-Mart - 4572 Mega Street Northwest, North Canton, OH
Exit 111 (Portage Road Exit) off I-77
Parking is available the Far Left Corner of Lot.
(Turn in the entrance and turn left to park in the far corner.)
Alliance, OH Carnation Mall on Route 62
(There is a McDonalds in front of the mall.)
Parking is available behind the McDonalds in the Carnation Mall Parking Lot.
Salem, OH Burger King
1761 East State Street
Parking is available in Rear Parking Lot.
Columbiana, OH Gad-About Offices
44015 State Route 14
Parking available in a Fenced Parking Lot.
Lot is kept locked while you are on your trip.

Departures are arranged in the direction of travel, with the last departure being the closest to the destination, for the convenience of all passengers.  Other departure points may be established for groups of 10 or more IF itinerary and direction of travel permits.

We reserve the right to change departures.

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