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Nearby Hotels

These hotels are within walking distance of the following bus stops:

 Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT)

 Amsterdam Court  226 W. 50th Street
 B.W. President  234 W. 48th Street
 Belvedere  319 W. 48th Street
 Carter  W. 43rd Street, between 7th & 8th Avenues
 Casablanca  147 W. 43rd Street
 Crowne Plaza  1605 Broadway / 48th
 Days  790 8th Avenue / 48th
 Double Tree Guest Suites  1568 Broadway / 47th
 Edison  228 W. 47th Street
 Hilton Times Square  234 W. 42nd Street
 Manhattan  273 W. 38th Street
 Marriott Marquis  1535 Broadway
 Mayfair  242 W. 49th Street
 Milford Plaza  270 W. 45th Street
 NY Renaissance  714 7th Avenue / 48th
 Paramount  235 W. 46th Street
 Travel Inn  515 W. 42nd Street
 Westin New York @ Times Square  270 W. 43rd Street
 "W"  W. 47th Street / Broadway

 Bryant Park

 Algonquin  59 W. 44th Street
 Americana  69 W. 38th Street
 Avalon  16 E. 32nd Street
 Big Apple Hostel  119 W. 45th Street
 Bryant Park Hotel  W. 40th Street, between 5th & 6th Avenues
 Comfort Inn  42 W. 35th Street
 Comfort Marriott  W. 40th Street, between 6th & 7th Avenues
 Comfort Inn Midtown  129 W. 46th Street
 Iroquois  49 W. 44th Street
 LaQuinta  17 W. 32nd Street
 Mansfield  12 W. 44th Street
 Marriott Courtyard  3 E. 40th Street
 Mela  W. 44th Street, between 6th & 7th Avenues
 Metro  45 W. 35th Street
 Millennium Broadway  145 W. 44th Street
 Radisson  49 W. 32nd Street
 Red Roof Inn  6 W. 32nd Street
 Portland Square  132 W. 47th Street
 Royalton  44 W. 44th Street
 Sofitel  W. 44th Street, between 5th & 6th Avenues
 Stanford  43 W. 32nd Street

 Grand Central Terminal

 Affinia  155 E. 50th Street
 Bedford  118 E. 40th Street
 Benjamin, The  125 E. 50th Street
 Doral Park Avenue  70 Park Avenue / 38th
 Fitzpatrick Grand Central  141 E. 44th Street
 Grand Hyatt  Park Avenue @ Grand Central
 Helmsley Middletowne  148 E. 48th Street
 Intercontinental  111 E. 48th Street
 Jolly Madison  22 E. 38th Street
 Kitano, The  66 Park Avenue / 38th
 Marriott Eastside  525 Lexington Avenue
 NY Helmsley  212 E. 42nd Street
 Roger Smith  501 Lexington Avenue / 47th
 Roosevelt  244 Madison Avenue
 San Carlos  150 E. 50th Street
 Shelburne  303 Lexington Avenue / 38th
 Sheraton Russell  45 Park Avenue / 36th
 Thirty Thirty  30 E. 30th Street
 UN Plaza  1 UN Plaza / 44th
 W Court  130 E. 39th Street
 W New York  541 Lexington Avenue / 48th
 W Tuscany  120 E. 39th Street
 Waldorf=Astoria  301 Park Avenue
 YMCA Vanderbilt  224 E. 47th Street