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Fare Increase Notice

Hudson Transit Lines Inc. is increasing interstate fares effective April 30, 2018 on all routes except: Binghamton to NYC, Deposit/Hancock to NYC, and Exit 14 to NYC. The increase will also affect commuter books except for Exit 14 to Midtown/WallStreet and Oakland/Wyckoff. The increase will be 3% rounded off to the nearest 0 or 5. The new fares are non-suspendible in accordance with The Interstate Commerce Commission termination Act of 1995.

NOTICE OF PROPOSED INTRASTATE FARE INCREASE Hudson Transit Corp, Inc. has filed a tariff with the New York State Department of Transportation proposing an increase of 3%, rounded off to the nearest 0 or 5, on all intrastate local New York and New Jersey intrastate fares. The proposed increase will be effective April 30, 2018.

For Public Comment please contact Hudson Transit Lines, Inc. at 800-631-8405 or email us at