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Coach USA Student Travel Club

Here at Short Line we are always looking for ways to better our services and help the people in communities that we serve.  One way we are proud to do this is by offering discounts on our scheduled routes to college students with valid IDs.  Our scheduled routes pass through many cities and towns with colleges and universities in them.  To make it easier for students to travel and enjoy the area or even get home more often we offer a variety of discounts.

Advantages of the Coach USA Student Travel Club:

  • Daily Travel Discounts 
  • Daily Schedule Service
  • More Schedule Choices 
  • Special TGIF Fares at Eligible Colleges
  • New Comfortable Buses
  • More Leg Room on Buses
  • Safe and Reliable Service
  • Be "Green" when You Travel
  • See Sites of Are or Go Shopping


Regular Student Discounts

We offer a discount to certain college students that show a valid I.D. when buying tickets at one of our terminals any day of the week all year long. These tickets are NOT sold on-line or by drivers. (Binghamton University is the only exception to this rule.)

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TGIF Student Discounts

At certain college and universities when school is in session we offer a special weekend service for students looking to travel. These tickets are available for purchase on-line or through a ticket agency near the school.

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